contemporary artist


PARADISE LOST  -  This is the essence of STACY.O´S work.





STACY.O ( born 1982 in Bielefeld,Germany ) is a contemporary painter , who lives and works in Berlin since 2014. 

The conceptual issues of her artmaking  are emotions, ideals and their utopia.

She depicts human beings and bodies that could be intrinsically beautiful or erotic, but appear in a blunt, vulgar but, at the same time vulnerable way. 

There is beauty, but never without stain 

STACY.O`s works suggest intrusiveness to their audience caused by the tension between RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD and EVIL, BEAUTY and DECAY, DESIRE and DISGUST, that characterizes her body of work.

You can feel, that there´s a deep substance and a very personal component. 

Her paintings don`t  release the viewer, without touching something.